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Yesterday I have read article on the web about Douglas Carl Engelbart...
I'm working on The Ace like Douglas Carl Engelbart worked on his NLS - of course I'm not man able to compare, but I'm always making The Ace better and better in my eyes and cannot finish. This situation killed NLS release and I don't want to kill The Ace - so, all what I need is to make at least minimum of functions working together and release it as soon as possible. But I'm missing the same - any leader who can leading me to do that.
Miro Karkus: Guidance from Douglas Carl Engelbart NLS (oN Line System) Operating System
MIRKOSOFT, 15 July 2017

I'm in pressure and have not so many free time like want and since was system development published I'm getting many requests and have more tasks like had

I have idea that SuperCPU RAM size and Mega 65 RAM size can allow to make memory resident system (MRS)
Also beside The Ace development I'm trying to create AceDOS 1.1 upgrade to 3.0 - linked to The Ace - and supported computers plan C128, C64 and C64DTV
Want to add to Drawer GEOS fonts support
Little Q:
Can be The Ace also portable OS? Released on diskette? This is in my mind for faster release...
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