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CPU families supported by The Ace
for easier marking: CISC means whole instruction set, RISC means only legal opcodes

X65 RISC is commonly supported family for each computer
- includes CPUs 6502, 8502, 65CE02, 65C02, 65816
X65 CISC is fully supported only by Commodore 128 and Commodore 64 (Mega 65 later)
- includes CPUs 6502, 8502
65K is fully supported by Commodore 128 or Commodore 64 used with CMD SuperCPU and also Commodore 64 with Flash-8 accelerator
Contains like families above X65 RISC and extra instruction set of 65816 CPU
- includes 65816 CPU only, in both (8-bit and 16-bit) operating modes
65X is bit different
Contains like families above X65 RISC and extended instruction set of CPU 65CE02, can be supported bit different 65C02. 65CE02 is used in Commodore 65 and Mega 65, Turbo Master CPU accelerator for Commodore 64 uses 65C02. Also support of Commodore 64 DTV and its 65X CPU
But this area is still variable 'cause Mega 65 has in progress CPU switch between 6502 and 65CE02
- includes CPUs 65CE02, 65C02, DTV 6502
X80 is supported by Commodore 128 with or without catridge and Commodore 64 with catridge
- includes Zilog Z80 CPU only
- in future can be supported by software emulated i8080 which tested on Mega 65 Gábor Lénart

All supported computers can work in Commodore 64 mode 'cause

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