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VYMS64 Board

Steve J. Gray is creating VYMS64 board - graphic, sound and serial port card
targets are Commodore 128, Commodore 64

It enhances possibilities of both computers, even if will be supported can be available for Mega 65

What is it?
Uses chips
Yamaha V9958 - videochip used in MSX2 computers, similar to VIC-II, but higher resolution, more colors, more sprites and...
Yamaha YM2413 - soundchip with 9 voices and 15 instruments (used in MSX computers too)
RS-232 Serial Port - uses 6551 ACIA and MAX232 chips

VDP V9958 supports many modes incl. 80 column text mode, output is analog RGB and has own dedicated VideoRAM (similar to Commodore 128 VDC).
VRAM size is much more larger - 192K, resolution up to 512×212 pixels, can display 16 colors of 512 color palette and in special modes can use 19 268 colors
YM2413 audio chip has built-in DAC - this means no other chip for complete sound generator is required
Serial Chip - Commodore MOS 6551 ACIA allows computer use RS-232 capability and compatibility to existing communication software

This card can port Commodore 64 into other dimensions and advance Commodore 128, maybe useful for Mega 65 as second desktop but not in Mega 65 class...
I'm still waiting and when will be finished I want to add support to The Ace

If you want to find more look at its webpage
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